The Parklands of Floyds Fork – Incident Structures + Features




Louisville, KY



The buildings and architectural features of The Parklands are a contemporary expression of the rural architecture of Kentucky. The traditional rural tobacco barns and sheds are made of poles with vertical black wood siding on the walls, vertical shutter openings to allow ventilation, and silver metal roofs. Those wall openings reveal the beauty of the unfinished wood pole structure and the rich honey-color of the drying tobacco on the inside.

This historic image has been manipulated in the new Parklands buildings to express hospitality and create a sense of movement and uplift. The overlook shelters, kiosks, trailheads, picnic pavilions, shade structures, and community buildings exhibit a contemporary expression unique to each form and use; while all still reflect the iconic features of the rural tradition. This architectural commonality is important in creating a consistent park identity throughout its vast expanse.