The Parklands of Floyds Fork – Humana Grand Allee




Louisville, KY



Designed to be the “Best Walk in Louisville”, the Grand Allee is just across Floyds Fork from the Creekside Center and connects to Distillery Bend. Along this nearly half mile axis, a variety of experiences have been included:

  • Legacy Commons: Sit and enjoy the fountain in this picnic area dedicated to the founding Capital Campaign donors. Read the donor names on the fountain, or read a book in this comfortable spot.
  • Country Lane Walk: Traverse this crushed stone, tree-lined path along a beautiful stone wall from  Legacy Commons to the Boardwalk; a walk built to evoke the traditional Kentucky landscape.
  • Boardwalk: Stroll in this unique place where you can watch (and listen to) birds and insects living in the Allee Wetlands.
  • Allee Wetlands: a 3-acre wetland provides important wildlife and aquatic habitat. Taking a stroll on the boardwalk will reveal opportunities for bird watching as well as plant and wildlife viewing. Small fish, amphibians, and a variety of aquatic insects live here. This dynamic habitat also provides food, water and cover for waterfowl, song birds, small mammals, and reptiles.
  • Festival Promenade: A formal, paved walk lined with trees, shrubs, benches and room for vendor tents during festivals and farmers’ markets.