The Parklands of Floyds Fork – Creekside Playground + Sprayground




Louisville, KY



The children’s play facility is a part of the Creekside Center. Its form responds to the fluid plan relationship of this ensemble of buildings, features, drives and parking. The linear fluidity, recalling the flow of the creek, is enhanced by the layout of the stone plantation fences, the planting beds, the paving patterns, the shape and form of the structures, and the layout of the play structures.

Both the splash play area and the dry play areas are subdivided according to age grouping. The covered seating pavilions and the restrooms are conveniently located for visual supervision of the children. The entire facility is enclosed with a controlled access point. Special attention was given to providing an equivalent play experience for children with special needs.

Voted “Best Playground” in the 2012 LEO Readers Choice Awards!