The Moss Gibbs Woodland Garden




Louisville, KY



Nestled within Broad Run Park in The Parklands of Floyds Fork, the Woodland Garden rises gently 150’ from bottomland meadows to an upland forest- encompassing nearly 15 acres. Woodland restoration, conservation method and a gardenesque touch weave together to bring visitors to this very special place. The intention is to create a unique visual and experiential exploitation of the existing woodland; to blur the lines of what is designed and what already existed in the woodland; and to encourage the park visitor to explore, discover, and question…

The project’s significance is that it implemented a method of “editing”, “hyper native planting”, “hyper contextuality” and a rigorous sensitivity to constructing with a light footprint. The project is unique in that it requires a design sensitivity to existing context, and delicate construction approach in order to minimize destruction to this special place.

Joseph & Joseph Architects worked closely with a design team including: Patrick Henry, landscape architect; Tom Smarr, horticulturalist; and Rick Darke- author, landscape ethicist, and designer.

Photos of Kentucky Coffee Tree Rondel, Scarlet Oak Rondel and dry laid stone bridge are by Bob Hower.