Potter Jane Distilling Company




Springfield, KY


Under Construction

Last year, Maker’s Mark Master Distiller, Denny Potter, and Head of Innovation and Blending, Jane Bowie, announced they would be leaving the storied distillery to start a new venture. The company will be called Potter Jane Distilling Company and will encompass 36,000 square feet on 153 acres. The distillery will have the capacity to store 45,000 barrels for maturation onsite, with two initial warehouses that can each store 24,000 barrels. The distillery is designed for function and the most efficient production of bourbon possible. It features twin towers – one for the column still and the other for the grain elevator, bins and cookers. The building was designed for tours with easy access to the fermenters and will feature the doubler on the second level so it is easy for visitors to see. The distillery will be operational by January of 2025.