Kentuckiana Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Office




Louisville, KY



As the flagship office for this oral surgery practice, this new glass and masonry office building soars with its tilted, cantilevered roof that welcomes patients and visitors to the state-of-the-art practice.  The first floor houses an outpatient surgery center along with a presentation space and lobby area for hosting educational sessions for other doctors.  The dramatic monumental stair with its terrazzo treads and glass rails reinforces the contemporary design elements of the space.

The main practice is on the second floor, where tall glass windows bring natural light to the lobby areas, and higher clerestory windows allow light into all perimeter operatories and offices.  The space includes three operatories, consult rooms, reception area, a large light-filled waiting area, business offices and support spaces.  Interior finishes and furnishings reference a spa-like palette, providing a comforting environment for patients and guests.  An exterior balcony overlooks the nearby airfield and treed golf course.