Hyatt Regency Hotel – Renovations




Louisville, KY



At the time of its original construction, the Hyatt relied on a mid-block garage entrance on Jefferson Street for vehicular access and check-in functions which were remote from the lobby. Fourth Street was a pedestrian mall and closed to traffic at that time. When Fourth Street Live! re-introduced vehicular traffic, there was an opportunity for the Hyatt to create an entirely new entrance experience for its guests.

Joseph & Joseph + Bravura’s design created a transparent all-glass entry and street presence for the lobby, restaurant and bar. The new circular drop-off driveway is covered by a striking contemporary glass canopy. Extensive streetscape improvements for the entire block included decorative sidewalk pavers, curbs, landscaping, and façade renovations to create the folding glass storefront allowing the bar to open for al fresco dining.

Photos by Taggart Sorensen