Heaven Hill Distillery




Bardstown, KY


Coming soon…

Following a devastating fire in 1996 that consumed seven rickhouses and the distillery, Heaven Hill Distillery moved production to Louisville. With the construction of this new state-of-the-art bourbon distillery, Heaven Hill returns to its roots in Bardstown, Kentucky once again. The building and its support structures have been designed to initially produce 10 million proof gallons per year, with planned additions that will eventually allow the production of 30 million.


The new distillery is designed to accommodate visitors and tour groups who will be able to interact with the process from start to finish. On the tour, special attention will be focused on yeast production, fermentation and distillation, where 62’ tall column stills provide a commanding presence as visitors arrive on the new campus. Additional visitor services will include a retail shop, tasting rooms, a bar and a large multi-purpose event space.