Bardstown Bourbon Company




Bardstown, KY



This distillery, which opened in 2016, offers wholesale customers the opportunity to create custom, authentic, Kentucky whiskey products and also provides comprehensive barrel financing. The program promises to expand the explosive growth of the craft distilling industry by providing craft distillers and brand owners high-quality whiskey to strengthen their supply. The distillery is designed to easily expand as production grows and is already expanding with a second still and additional fermenters.

The building incorporates modern design traditional bourbon materials. Visitors will notice each phase of bourbon production is fully transparent and visible. The center of the building is a 55’-tall still tower clad in limestone panels, natural wood and glass. Each wing of the building radiates out into the landscape from the still tower embracing the rural Kentucky landscape. Visitors will notice the bourbon-making process was laid out with them in mind, offering a unique visitor experience in this groundbreaking Bourbon Industrial Tourism Experience.

Take a 360 tour of this distillery below: